Grey Goshawk-white morph (Accipiter novaehollandiae)


The grey morph has a pale grey head and back, dark wingtips, barred grey breast and tail, and white underparts. The white morph is the only bird of prey in the world to be entirely white.

Grey Goshawks are about 40–55 cm long, with wingspans of 70–110 cm. Females are much larger than males, weighing about 680 g. Males average 350 g.


Goshawks usually prey on mammals such as rabbits, possums, and bats. They may also eat birds, small reptiles, and insects. Females, due to their size, can catch larger prey than males.

Hunting is often done by stealth, but Grey Goshawks are willing to pursue their prey before catching it with their talons.

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  1. Lauren Harvey says:

    Hi, I have a stunning Grey Morph hanging around my property. Unfortunately it is taking my chickens and chicks, and I have heard other reports if it taking piglets. I am wondering if you wonderful guys catch and re-home by any chance?

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