School Groups

We offer wonderful educational tours for school groups that are run by Parks & Wildlife Service Discovery Rangers. They include presentations that teach students all about Tasmanian raptors, the threats they face and what we all can do to help protect raptors in the wild. Students get the opportunity to see some magnificent wedge-tailed eagles and other raptors up close, as well as explore the interesting hands-on displays in our Educational Centre and participate in other interactive activities.

Booking times

Our educational tours run from 10am or 2pm and are typically up to 2.5 hours in duration.

You can request an alternative start time but please email us first at If we can accommodate your request, you can go ahead and book. At step 3 of the booking process (under Time), choose 10am if we’ve agreed on a morning visit or 2pm if we’ve agreed on an afternoon visit. In the next step of the booking process, you can note the actual time of your school group visit as pre-arranged with us.


Educational tours for school groups are $385 for a maximum of 25 students.

Group size

The maximum group size per tour is 25 students and 3 or 4 supervisors (teachers or parents are welcome). If you have more students, you may wish to consider booking an additional tour.


You can request an invoice when you book your school group. Invoices are usually issued within 7 days of the booking and payment is required within 14 days of the invoice. At the time of booking, you must advise who we need to invoice and provide their email address and phone number.

An invoice can be requested at the last step in the booking process (under Payment). Simply enter our coupon code “invoiceme” into the available field and click ‘Apply’.

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