Terms and conditions: Raptor Refuge shall not be liable for any illness, injury, damages, loss, delay or failure to join the tour that may occur due to factors beyond our control. We highly recommend travel insurance coverage. Raptor Refuge retains the right to alter tour, days of operation or even cancel tours if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation within 14 days of tour will result in a 50% loss of the paid price; cancellation within 7 days of departure will result in non-refundable tour. Raptor Refuge will not be held responsible for passengers failing to familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions.

Transfer/Held in credit policy: $25 per person transfer fee applies to any transfer of service within 48 hours to 7 days before departure. Transfer within 48 hours will result in full price forfeiture. Tours booked may be held in credit for 12 months from date of issue.

Confirmation: All reservations must be confirmed by email confirmation.

Privacy policy: Raptor Refuge may contact you in relation to feedback about a tour which you have undertaken with us. Raptor Refuge may contact you via email in relation to specials or promotional offers. In the event you do not wish to receive any correspondence from us by email, please advise us at the start of your tour.

Tour start location: Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to be waiting out the front of Tour Start Point at least 5 minutes before tour starts. Raptor Refuge cannot be held responsible for customers not turning up.

Release, waiver and discharge and assumption of risk

The Customer agrees and acknowledges as follows:

  1. I believe I am in good health and both mentally and physically capable of partaking in all activities at Raptor Refuge.
  2. I agree to abide by all directions given to me by employees of Raptor Refuge during my Tour at Raptor Refuge or whilst partaking in any activity at Raptor Refuge.
  3. I freely acknowledge birds of prey are wild animals which at all times pose an obvious and unexpected risk, even when the birds of prey are handled by Raptor Refuge’s employees and personnel.
  4. I assume full and total responsibility for any risks, both known and unknown, which may materialise during my time at Raptor Refuge. Such ‘risks’ may include personal injury, illness (e.g. Covid), physical harm, mental harm, paralysis, significant injury, death, property damage, Tour delay or Tour cancellation.
  5. I waive, release, hold harmless and discharge Raptor Refuge from any claim, demand, loss, cause of action, lawsuit, damages, fines, penalties, charges, liability, breach of duty or breach of contract I may have against Raptor Refuge.
  6. I agree Raptor Refuge solely and wholly maintains the right to alter or cancel Tours.
  7. This Release, Waiver and Discharge and Assumption of Risk will be relied upon by Raptor Refuge to challenge, defend, defeat or negate any claim, complaint, application, dispute or demand made by me in respect of any act, step, omission or decision (whether negligent or otherwise) made by Raptor Refuge.