Walk and Talk Tour – 1.5 hrs length, max. 16 guests at price of $140.00 per guest.
Join an experienced raptor rehabilitation guide on an interactive tour where you will meet the largest eagles in Australia and discover how to save the fastest animals on the planet. Visit the educational centre for a hands on experience of what makes a raptor a raptor. Special viewing windows into four aviaries is a great opportunity to get excellent close up photographs.Stroll amongst a series of specially designed aviaries around the grounds built for the rehabilitation of Tasmania’s raptors. The guide will explain how the rehabilitation centre works with specialists to provide the best opportunities for protection and release of injured raptors.The tour will include a unique opportunity to view our large eagle aviary with some of its colourful residents. This has been specifically built to allow these huge birds to practice flying during their recovery period. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and are a highlight, with art work dotted around the Refuge.

Inside Access Tour – 1.5hrs length, max 3 guests at price of $220.00 per guest.This tour is an exclusive one offered to your guests only. The owner/operator of the Raptor Refuge will personally guide the guests through a range of activities usually only witnessed by refuge staff. As well as having access to all the facilities that the Walk and Talk Tour guests have access to, the Inside Access Tour guests will have access to other restricted facilities. The guests will have the opportunity to assist/observe bird husbandry activities such as beak trimming, weighing and health checks of several species of raptors. They will also have access to view one of the largest eagle aviaries in the Southern Hemisphere that have eagles nearly ready for release to the wild. 

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