Fergus Gives a Hoot


“Two wildlife activists, Owl and Echidna, feel sad that so many friends and family members are hurt and killed on the roads. They want humans to make their roads safer for wildlife. As Owl says, “Humans must remember that this is our home too, and that our lives matter!” Owl and Echidna form a group with like-minded friends to tackle the problem. They hatch a plan that involves planting a special seed in a special place. This proves to be a tricky task so they ask human wildlife activist, Fergus Fleegelbaum, to help. Fergus is fearless and determined, but will he succeed in carrying out his part of their clever plan to make roads safer for wildlife?”

Written and illustrated by Kathleen McLaren.
This hard cover book measures 19.5 cm by 27.5 cm and is 32 pages long.

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