Poo, Spew and Other Gross Things Animals Do!



“This book stinks … we think you’ll love it! Poo, Spew and Other Gross Things Animals Do! will show you how being gross isn’t just hilarious – it can be an important survival strategy for animals all over the world.

Take a deep breath and step into the world of not just poo, but also spew, snot and all the other gross things animals do to survive and thrive. From using poo to build a nest, leaving stinky secretions to find a mate, or oozing slime to deter a predator, the animals in this book are amazing … and revolting.

Discover a whole world of poo, learn how to be a poo detective, and meet some of the great scientists doing gross and yucky work!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You might even throw up!”

Written by Dr Romane Cristescu and Tasmanian author, Nic Gill, with fabulous illustrations by Rachel Tribout. Suitable for ages 8-12 (approximately), this book is the perfect book for the budding naturalist. 

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