Unwanted Roosters


For a time, we were gratefully accepting donations of live roosters to feed our raptors but, thanks to the ol’ bush telegraph, we now get offered far more than we can use. In fact, we’re often overwhelmed by the number of requests we receive, given the limited time and resources we have to respond to everyone.

If you have an unwanted rooster, we may be able to humanely euthanase it for you for a small handling fee of $10 per rooster. You can request this service by contacting us via sms, Facebook messenger or email.

If we have the capacity and freezer space to take your unwanted rooster, we’ll arrange an agreed drop off time.

You then simply need to put the rooster in a small, secured cardboard box and, at the agreed drop off time, put that secured cardboard box into the drop off box at our gate with your cash payment. We’ll collect the rooster shortly after.

We use the carbon dioxide method to euthanase roosters, which minimises stress caused to the animal. Roosters will then be frozen and eventually fed to our raptors.

Other Food Donations

We generally accept these food donations for raptors: mice, rats, turkey wings, chickens, fish, wallabies, possums or other fresh road kill. Please contact us in advance if you wish to make a food donation.

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