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The links below gives you the option to join our ever growing community of bird and animal lovers. Membership will give you more access to our site, including exclusive pictures and videos. Using the process below is completely automated so you will have subscription status in only a few clicks. Members will receive a periodical newsletter on the plight of Tasmanian endemic raptors and native wildlife. It will also detail the highlights of a behind the scenes look at what Raptor & Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania Inc. has achieved. As a member of an incorporated association, you will also receive invitations to Annual General Meetings (attendance is optional).

Members will also be invited to open days, where everyone can meet and discuss issues affecting our community. Being a member of the R&WR of T Inc, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Tasmanian threatened species.

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Membership is currently under review, memberships will be re-opened in December.

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